Lifepath Coaching
Katy Foley, MA

Creating a path to change


Life Path Coaching.  My path.

A Bit About Me:

I was born and raised in Webster and have lived in the Rochester area most of my life.  I appreciate all that the region has to offer, even the changes in weather.  I have a BA in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Buffalo, and an MA in Psychology from SUNY Brockport.  Somewhere in the middle of my masters I was detoured into an unexpected and yet completely rewarding career as Mom.  In 1997 I embarked on my counseling career path, and set out to try to find a healthy, productive balance between work, children, marriage, volunteering, responsibilities with extended family, and perhaps even a social life.  I found that happiness comes down to achieving a balance between my expectations and reality.  I know I do my best when I remember that my mind, body, and spirit are connected and I attend to all three.  When one area is out of balance, I am not in balance.  When we are living in balance, wellness and happiness is the result.

Over the past 18 years I have worked in mental health settings and in addiction treatment centers,  with a very diverse population.  I have learned as much from my clients as they have learned from me.  It has been an amazing experience for me to be allowed to see the most intimate, private, and often painful parts of people's lives, thoughts, and experiences, and then to be able to share in the moments of  learning, growth, triumph, and success.


Other interests:

Volunteer Ski Patroller at Hunt Hollow ski club.

Avid runner, rower, hiker, skier, sailor, endorphin junky.

Spending much time with family and friends.

Active in the Irish Children's Program of Rochester for many years.

Past Novice Rowing Coach at a SUNY Geneseo.