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Posted on May 22, 2015 at 12:25 AM
Life isn't about waiting for the rain to pass...It's learning to dance in the rain. Or perhaps you've heard this one: Nobody ever had a rainbow without first having the rain. SI Similar sentiments but what does that mean for you? We, as humans, are very good at coming up with sayings and words of wisdom to try and help others that are going through similar trials, tribulations, and stesses. Sometimes when we are under extreme stress and someone utters a seemingly trite saying, our first response may be to rip their heads off. Hopefully your second response is one of understanding and appreciation for the help being offered. You see, many of us have similar experience of stress, loss, fear, hurt, sadness. And the point that people are tying to make is that they can relate and perhaps even help, if you let them. The reality is that life can be difficult and it can be stessful; it can be full of rain. But what is equally true is that most of the time we do cope with the stress, hurt, and difficulties that life hands us. And another truth is that our attitude greatly affects our ability to cope and carry on. If we recognize the rain that falls also produces our ability to see rainbows, and if we are able to dance within the difficulties, then we are actually much better able to cope with whatever comes out way. We are also more likely to attract and accept help from others during the most difficult of times. So the next time someone utters a worn out saying in the phase of your distress perhaps try to listen to the truth of the words. The phrases have stuck around for a reason. Katy Foley, Life coach

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