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Posted on June 3, 2015 at 1:00 PM
A graduation speech made my Jim Carrey has been making the rounds on facebook. He expressed many words of wisdom and gave some good solid advice. Many things he said stood out, but one part has been rattling around in my head pretty hard. He said that his father took the "safe" path and worked as an accountant, but lost that job. In other words while his father may have wanted to do other things with his life he chose to do that which he thought was safe and at which he might not fail. The lesson in that story is this: we can fail at that which we don't want anyway. In other words, we may have hopes, dreams, and passions. We may want to be an actor or musician, or travel, or start a business, or live a life very different from the one we are living or have lived. But we choose to stay put or take the safer, seemingly more secure path. Why do we do this? Fear of failure. Or perhaps fear of success. We don't follow our dreams because we fear we may not reach our goals, we may not succeed, we may fall flat on our faces, we may not be good at whatever it is we wanted to do, or perhaps we will even be laughed at. Well here is the reality: we may fail anyway. We may take the safe path, make the safe choices, do what others want or expect us to do and then fail anyway. So if we may fail at that which we did not want to do anyway, why not follow your dream and either succeed or fail doing what it is you love? Then again, is failure synonymous with not trying? Can we define success by what we tried and what we learned along the way? And how does fear of success keep us from following our dreams? If you succeed and reach your goals and you are still not happy, then what? What would that say about you? Where would you go from there? If you achieve your goals, what is your purpose in life then? If you achieve your goals, will the expectations placed on you be greater then? These are questions that may be in the back of your mind that could keep us from moving forward. Fear of success, fear of failure, just fear in general can and should be dealt with. Fear keeps us stuck in unhealthy relationships, unhappy jobs, unfulfilling lives. Let's work on our fears and achieve our dreams and goals. Live a life of balance, happiness, and fullfillment. Katy Foley, Life Coach

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