Lifepath Coaching
Katy Foley, MA

Creating a path to change

What is a retirement coach?

Yay!  You had a successful career and now you are ready to relax.

Relax you say?  How do I do that?

You have prepared yourself financially, but have you prepared yourself mentally for retirement?

You spent many years defining yourself as a worker and/or as a parent. It is how you introduced yourself, "Hi I'm John Smith, and I am an engineer" was your mantra.  It was your identity.  How will you define yourself in your retirement? How will you identify yourself and introduce yourself? What will you do beyond the first week? 

Retirement coaching can help you answer these questions.  

Retirement coaching can help you be love your life in retirement.

A Retirement Coach will not tell you what to do or tell you who you are.  A Retirement Coach will help you use the same focus and dedication you had at work to figure out how to continue to grow and how to be happy with who you have become.