Lifepath Coaching
Katy Foley, MA

Creating a path to change

What is Life Coaching?

What is Life Coaching??

Life coaching is different from therapy in that coaching focuses on the present and the future, whereas therapy focuses on the past.  Coaches ask, "Where are you now and where do you want to be?" 
Life coaching focuses on an individual's entire life as it relates to goal setting and change.  In coaching the assumption is that individuals are capable of generating their own solutions, while the coach provides supportive guidance based on the individual's needs and goals.  The primary focus in on creating strategies for changing your work or personal life, with positive emotions, balance, and wellness being a natural outcome.  
The emphasis in coaching is on action, accountability, and follow-through.  Coaching supports personal and professional growth and development based on individually initiated change.  Coaching in a format in which you explore how your dreams can become attainable goals.  Sometimes we need help with clarity because our goals are murky, sometimes we need help with accountability because we know what we want but need a push to get there, sometimes we need both.  Coaching helps clarify goals and helps us move forward again.

What kinds of clients use life coaching?

I have worked with housewives, veterans, active duty military, waitresses, entrepreneurs, and students.  Examples of issues addressed in coaching include:   goal setting for changing or advancing in a career, finding balance between work and home, managing stress, managing pain, improving relationships, building confidence.  Any area of your life that you may want to develop or improve upon.
So often it helps just to say things out loud to someone that is impartial and outside the situation.

Why do dreams matter?

Your dreams give you hope and a sense of purpose.  Together we can discover a sense of purpose and direction for you to explore.  It is ok to ask "who am I?" and "what do I want out of life?".  We can answer the question, "what is it you plan to do with your own wild, precious life?".  
That is what coaching does.